31st of May – International Blonde Day

The brightest, most noticeable and most light-headed part of humanity has finally found its own long-awaited and deserved a holiday. The bright date of May 31 is declared the World Day of Blondes.

According to the official version of the origin of the holiday, it was initiated by American blonde attorneys who were not perceived by their male colleagues as equals and hindered their career growth, hinting at a low level of intelligence from their light-headed female colleagues. And when the blondes were tired of constantly suffering insulting jokes about the color of their hair, they decided to fight for their rights by setting up a holiday in their honor. According to another version, the holiday arose after the release in 2001 of the American comedy “Blonde in law”, which served as the impetus for the creation of the holiday. Two years later, he gained popularity in other countries.

The first celebration of the Day of blondes passed with real chic. In Moscow, in Novinsky Passage, the ceremony of awarding the Diamond Stud prize was held, dedicated to the celebration of talented, intelligent, successful, fashionable and endlessly feminine women. In a word, the most blonde blondes of our time.

Scientists believe that a real blonde is a rare phenomenon, and by their calculations, by 2202, blondes will completely disappear from the face of the Earth. Only in the last 50 years, the number of blondes and blondes has decreased from 49 to 14 percent of the total population of the planet. And there are several reasons for this. First, for a child to be born blond, both parents must have blond hair. Secondly, in countries where dark hair predominates, the population is growing steadily, but the Europeans - Germans, Scandinavians, Russians, who are carriers of the "blond gene" - are increasingly limited to one child. The last man with blond hair will be born, according to scientists, in Finland.

In the same holiday in a number of countries parades of blondes take place, competitions among them with rewarding the best representatives of fair-haired beauties.

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