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The best trainer ever

Yulia from Zhytomyr: "I love to travel and sunbathe, I like to spend time with my sons, together we dance and play, and do many other things. I also love to embroider, I am fond of beadwork, I make cushions with bead patterns on them, icons and shirts. This hobby relaxes me, helps me to concentrate on positive things. I did sports in the past, and still, love to be active."

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Why Women Choose Older Men

On VeronikaLove dating site, you might have noticed that women tend to choose older men. You surely receive more attention than usual, and the pure interest in you is higher. This is because Slavic single brides do know that an older guy is better for strong and long-lasting relations than a young boy flying somewhere…
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Typical Mistakes Happening at the Beginning of Relations

Sometimes is wonder: how it happened that we started relations but they came to an end so quickly? We simply don’t even notice that we make some mistakes, as we accept them as something usual to us! But if you keep on repeating them, it will be hard for you to find love even on…
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Perfect morning with Zoryana

Zoryana from Rovno: " Please look not only at my face and body .. look deeper inside. I am an artist. I like the art. Music is my air. I adore legends from different countries. I read a lot. I write prose. I believe in fate and reincarnation. Maybe we were familiar earlier in a past life. I just want to be a happy mom and wife) It will make me completely happy. My favorite food: fruits, vegetables, cheese, sweet)"

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