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Inna’s Impressive Photosession

Inna from Zaporozhye: "I am a woman who sadly knows what family violence may be. For me to love means to care for other people, help them and make them happy. I enjoy spending time with my daughter. I like going to the gym, meeting with friends and cooking. Cycling and skiing are among activities to which I like devoting my free time as well."

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5th of February – World Nutella Day

In the list of the most popular sweets, Nutella obtains a very high position. Everyone in the world knows this chocolate and hazelnut spread, and everyone tried at least once to eat it with a spoon rather than put on some bread, as it is simply impossible to help trying it. On the 5th of…
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Things that Are too Sweet to be Avoided

All people accept relations in different ways. Some are more modest while others are ready to show affection in public places and kiss even if someone might not approve such behavior. There are many small things that you may not pay attention to, but that makes love even sweeter and tendered. Common holding hands is…
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