5th of February – World Nutella Day

In the list of the most popular sweets, Nutella obtains a very high position. Everyone in the world knows this chocolate and hazelnut spread, and everyone tried at least once to eat it with a spoon rather than put on some bread, as it is simply impossible to help trying it.

On the 5th of February, the world celebrated the Day of Nutella. It is believed that its history lasts since the 19th century and the times of Napoleon. Approximately at those times, this spread was invented. However, the first jar of Nutella was sold in 1964, and nowadays this product is owned by the Italian company Ferrero. According to researches, a jar of Nutella is sold every 2,5 seconds!

The holiday was invented by two enthusiastic ladies, Susan Russo, and Shelley Ruelle. In 2007 they created a page on the Internet inviting everyone to celebrate the Day of Nutella. Yes, everything was that simple. The page and the news were reposted so many times, that social media networks made it popular and known all over the world! And no matter what, Rosso continues this tradition every year on the 5th of February.

It is very simple to celebrate the holiday. Luckily, Nutella can be purchased in any supermarket, so just go and get one for yourself and for your friends! You can keep a jar in your fridge in case you want something sweet but there is nothing at a hand. Then roast a toast, cover it with the layer of Nutella, and add, for example, pieces of banana. And here is your festive treat!

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