Is It Good to Be a Picky Dater?

When we look for relations, we sometimes start feeling not very good for the fact that we might be a little bit picky. Our relatives, for example, may push on us saying “You should grab what you have right now and not to think over” or “Your time is going, choose someone as soon as possible!” And this makes us feel worried about if we are truly too picky? What if we’d better start dating and trying to fall in love with someone you already see? But you shouldn’t feel so worried about this! Being a picky dater is fine, especially when you are communicating on VeronikaLove, as the choice is so wide, that you need to take your time to find the one and the only who will become your significant other for the rest of your days!

Think about your peculiarity from another point of view” you are popular! A few ladies want to attract your attention and want to be with you! Isn’t this wonderful? Doesn’t this raise your mood? The fact that you are picky only shows that you are interesting to others!

However, remember an important rule: the best approach to finding new relations is telling the truth. It might not be very pleasant for anyone to hear from you that you are in deep love and that you see your mutual future, and then suddenly to see that you leave to someone else. Just be honest and say that you are in the search.

Also, remember that being picky means that evolution leads you. You want to find the best partner for you, the one who will be the part of you, and who will help you to make good and healthy kids. Maybe your desire to look for someone very special is your wish to get only the best.

Yes, your pickiness can show that you have too high expectations. You expect too much from others forgetting that you are also not perfect, and you are maybe not the ideal for others. Try to lower them, and not to point out the flaws of others. Of course, if they are not contradicting too much from your points of view and plans for the future.

Finally, don’t confuse amorousness and just having fun. Maybe you’d better think twice about whether you are really interested in finding love, or just want some communication and want to get new friends! In any case, if you are serious in your search, and if you can feel your heart, you will definitely find what you are looking for!

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