Monthly Archives: May 2018

25th of May – European Neighbors Day

When we come back home, we tend to think that we return to our castle, our well-protected place, where no one will even find us, and where we feel good and secured. However, actually we are never alone. We always have our neighbors! Even if you live in a house, there are probably people living…
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How to Stay Happy in Marriage

Marriage is the logical way for those who are in love and who are dating. Marriage means serious relations and sureness in the future. All women start talking about this sooner or later especially when they are sure in their partner. But it is well-known that with time relationship is marriage may become a little…
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Mysterious and tender flower Oksana

Oksana from Kiev: "I am looking for a man who wants to create wonderful moments together, enjoy each other's lives and support each other in all life moments. I want to have a special relationship with my loved one, who I feel even at a distance."

Meet Oksana on Veronikalove!

What a Woman Thinks When You Don’t Answer Letters for too Long

Women are creatures that are very nervous. There is a joke that a woman in a room may invent a quarrel, look it through her head and make conclusions. And you will not even know that something has happened. And the same thing happens when you communicate with your lovely Slavic woman on VeronikaLove. Long-distance…
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