White philosophy: a white button-down shirt – Simple but Elegant

Career” of a plain white button-down shirt can be considered the most successful one in the fashion industry: it has come all the way from being an undergarment to a formal wear. And designers keep on creating new and new fashions and looks based on a plain white shirt.

UniSEX Forever

A white shirt has changed its status several centuries ago when from an underwear and nightgown it turned into a luxury wear for kings. But the most drastic changes happened to it in the 20th century. In the 1920ies ladies used to sew elegant dresses from their husband’s shirts. And the first one to be used for this was a plain white button-down shirt which because of its length and with the help of a belt could be easily transformed into a short dress. The simple easy cut of the white shirt followed the minimalistic fashion trends of the time. Years later, cut and tailored specifically to fit a female figure, it was worn with long fitted skirts. In the 50ies this garment also was rather fashionable to wear though by that time it has become more romantic: designers decorated it with ruffles and lace and it was worn with knee length skirts. Back to its original look it returned in the 70ies but not for very long because at the 80ies designers created large variety styles of female button-down shirts that are popular till nowadays.

Modern chic

Nowadays its simplicity and elegancy are valued a lot all over the world. Celebrities prefer white shirts made of expensive silk. Victoria Beckham, for instance, is more often seen in a white shirt than in an evening gown! She often combines it with accessories like big sunglasses or bright earrings. The most famous top models prefer wearing white shirts with jeans to castings and often consider them to be the foundation of the style. Designers value its versatility because any outfit can be created on its pattern. Donna Karan designed a one piece dress from a white shirt and a black skirt. Paul Smith a while ago added few colorful stripes to it thus created his recognizable print and fabric which is a symbol of his brand. Carolina Herrera not only creates white shirts for each of her collections but collects them herself in her wardrobe. She says that there is nothing more elegant than a white shirt with a black knee length pencil skirt. It is not just classical look but a sign of chic, femininity and sophistication.

Victoria Beckham - more often seen in a white shirt than in an evening gown!


Marlene Dietrich came to a movie set wearing a white shirt when filming her first movie “ Blue Lagune” in 1930. Film director liked the look and decided to leave it for the movie just added a black tuxedo . After the film premier ladies began to copy the elegant look of the actress.

Young Gabriel Chanel liked white button down men’s shirts a lot. She considered them to be more stylish than women’s garments. She often wore a tie with a white shirt or a small hat of her own design. Such a look was first popular among her girlfriends but later on it became popular among her clients as well.

Audrey Hepburn was always famous for her sophisticated clothing. At the beginning of her career when she had no personal designer she used to wear a white shirt with a belt and black pants. Many years later she admitted that she considered this outfit to be the most elegant of all she had ever worn.

New trends

Though the details change and cut is becoming more complicated, the basic pattern remains the same and famous designers all over the world give a new life to a white shirt each year.

A classic white dress shirt, perfect for any occasion from elegant to casual and there are many great ways to incorporate a white shirt into your wardrobe. Paired with a dark trouser jean and colorful accessories, the white shirt sheds its buttoned-up, serious stereotype. In Ukraine Women don't often wear white shirts but there is something very pure and elegant about the colour white and it is never out of fashion.

Ripped jeans, sophisticated bra and yet again white button down shirt – sexy, isn’t it?

White shirt combined with a black bra … and without ….

Paired with dark jeans and accessories, the white shirt sheds its buttoned-up, serious stereotype.

Now you can see that regardless of your fashion preferences, the one thing in your wardrobe that will always suit you and will never be out of fashion is a white button-down shirt! With just a touch of creativity you can easily turn it into a daywear, evening wear and even a sleepwear. But in any case, wearing it lady looks elegant and sexy!

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