What to present for a Lady?

Long lasting spring has already come, morning sun started to look into the window more persistently, illuminating rooms with warm spring light. With coming spring smiles appeared on our faces but at the same time new problems and spring cares came. What to present for a lady?

Spring is a time when girls could feel our love fully. In this time of the year all women want to be the most beautiful, loved and happy. And we should help them in this, presenting them warmth, care and presents.


Unquestionable leader among gifts for women is of course flower. In spring it is as actual as never otherwise. All women without exception are glad to see fresh live flowers not only in flowers' shops but also at their homes in vase or on the windowsill. Flowers not only decorate the interior but also make happy ladies with its beauty and aromas. They do not care that flowers will wilt without water. If the present is made from the heart, a girl will remember about it for a long time!


Not less present will become a bottle of perfumes. Perfumes will never become unnecessary or spare. Besides they will remind to a girl/woman about you every time when she will see them. But when you choose perfumes, you should take into consideration not only your own discretion but also tastes and preferences of the lady.


Social surveys showed that 80% of women want to get cosmetics as a present or different care products for hair.

But! You should buy only that cosmetics which a lady uses or to buy it taking counsel with a girl. Because cosmetics is a very delicate thing. An unsuitable agent could cause skin irritation or allergy. And you do not want your dear woman to spend several days in the hospital.


If it is hard for you to choose gift, a pleasant ceramic souvenir could become a good way out. Lovely statues do not have an expiration date and do not end in a month. Such a presents is not only pleasant but also practical.

Hand made things

If you are a creative person and you are tired of banal stereotyped presents-you always could make a present with your own hands. It could be anything: a picture, appliqué or newly-baked cake. Add to the present several pleasant words written from your heart and it will become even better than all previous variants.


Modern girls are not as shy as their mothers and grandmothers have been. Many of them are ready to announce openly that to get a set of sexual underwear as a present is extremely pleasant. And these girls who do not tell about this, are just shy. So go ahead! If you are a guy, then make a gift for your girl for your pleasant.

What could you present for a girl and what not?

Gifts always should be festive and should not remind about everyday troubles. Do not present crockery, pans, frying pans, rolling pins and everything what reminds about hours spent in the kitchen when preparing breakfasts, suppers and dinners.

Also in the black list there are dumb-bell shaped figures, skipping ropes, bicycle helmets etc.(if of course your beloved is not a professional sportswoman. And even if she is a sportswoman, do not remind her about work. Also we do not present training apparatuses, belts for weight loss, anti-cellulite means and everything what could hint at: “You look awful! Make at least something with yourself!” Even if the thing is necessary it will be offensively to get it as a gift.

So now we could assume that you have already decided what it is possible to present for a lady and that you are in a hurry to buy a present. We will not detain you. We wish you success, happiness and love!

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  1. Thanks for this piece Marina.

    Flowers are a good gift to give

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