Keep Your Marriage Safe

There are so many sad stories of divorces nowadays. And you are surely the person who thinks that this will never touch you, and you will surely secure your marriage no matter what! But the truth is that unfortunately routine will still work against you. At the beginning, it will force you to forget that you are two separate people who have their own wishes ad aspirations. If you wish to secure your marriage and not let it fall apart, you should only stick to the following simple rules.

Hold your hands. This may sound so naive and trivial, but you will notice that you have stopped doing this for a really long time. Holding hands is something very romantic that can be shared only by two close people. And if you miss this closeness, you miss something that bonds you to each other.

The same thing is about kissing. It is scientifically proved that those couples who kiss at least in the morning are happier in marriage and even live much longer than those who ignore this! Kiss more, and your marriage will be stronger!

Keep a little distance and hold to certain boundaries. Of course, with time you become closer to each other, but this doesn’t mean that you should start behaving weird or doing unpleasant things in front of each other that might be really embarrassing. Remember about respect of your another half. Also don’t get into the boundaries your significant other has set. Being together 24/7 can be very exhausting for some people. So the ask for some space should be accepted calmly but not as a manifestation of less love.

If you already have children, there are also some rules that you should follow. In happy family children will never see their parents quarreling. And the problem that you might cause will affect the whole future life of your children! They remember everything they see, and such problematic moments may harm then psychologically. So, avoiding conflicts in front of children will both serve good for you, as you will calm down when you finally stay alone, and also will not do any harm for your kids.

Talk to each other more. And better not only about something routine. Speak about your interests and your wishes, maybe your dreams. Open yourself for your partner no matter how long you are together. And this will bring happiness to your marriage!


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