Differences between American and Ukrainian engagement

American Engagement:

Americans are very touching and serious about the wedding, but special attention is given to the engagement, it should be a romantic and unforgettable event in the life of the future newlyweds.

The man invites his future bride to some romantic place to make the proposal, often it is a restaurant or cafe. Soft light from candles, a glass of red wine or champagne, gentle sounds of your favorite melody - all these create the perfect atmosphere. There are places in some cities that are considered as a place where the enamoured makes the offer of hand and heart. If the young man invites his sweetheart to such a place, it's a sin not to propose to her. To inform someone about your promotion, the purchase a new car, or the ending of a relationships - choose any other place where you can sit without bitterness.

The wedding ring is presented to the bride unexpectedly. Among the traditional ways are the following:

- A box with a ring may be in a vase with fruit;

- It is possible to present a ring as a dessert and put it in the cake;

- You can put a ring in a glass of champagne;

- The ring can be inside a rosebud.

A wedding ring has a special form. In US jewelery stores special kits are sold, consisting of three rings: two for women – an engagement and wedding ring, and one for him - a wedding band. Usually, it is a gold ring with diamonds, but there may be other stones.

After the betrothal and the engagement the preparations for the wedding begin. Usually this takes from six months to a year before the wedding.

 Ukrainian Engagement:

In olden times the wedding began from the matchmaking. The head of the village would choose respected village elders who were known for their eloquent speaking. These elders would then speak to the young lady's parents and try to convince them of the young man's best intentions towards their daughter. If the elders were successful and the lady's parents accepted the young man's proposal then they would offer their future son-in-law a "ryshnik"(a traditional Ukrainian embroidered towel), if they didn't accept his proposal they give him a pumpkin as a sign of denial. When men used to get married to the girls of their village, and if all the girls said no, then the head of the village would have to go “hunting” in nearby villages. The houses of girls of marrying age were painted bright colors and this was a wonderful landmark for the hunter.

There was also the custom of “Stealing a Bride”, this was a way for a man to get himself a nice rich girl. The only thing he needed to do was hide his “treasure” for a day or so then marry her if she would agree. If she did not agree then he had a big problem on his hands.

After successful matchmaking, the young couple becomes engaged. They exchange rings, from then on, the young man could spend the night in his fiancé’s home. There is an assumption that the so-called nowadays the civil marriage existed earlier in the Ukraine and called the trial. In fact, on the basic territory of Ukraine the girl's virginity was necessary in the subsequent wedding ceremony.

The groom will buy the rings; each couple must decide when to begin to wear the engagement rings. It can be from the day parental consent is obtained, the day of the engagement, or during the engagement celebration. In modern Ukraine, the engagement celebration is usually arranged by the bride’s family. The groom will place the ring on the bride’s finger; it is worn on the right hand ring finger in Ukraine. During the wedding ceremony the engagement ring will either be replaced or both rings will be worn together.

 Now the preparations for the wedding ceremony must begin.....

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