31st of May – Day of Blondes

Among the variety of the holidays, the Day of Blondes surely stands out. This day is bright and vivid, as it celebrates the ladies that light the world up and bring rays of sun with their appearance. They are beautiful but, unfortunately, lots of people try to say evil things about this. Maybe that is because they envy their brightness, but these women are really gorgeous.

The holiday was created in 2006. All those who have white and light hair can celebrate this day. It doesn't matter whether you dyed it or have it from nature, you can proudly claim that this day is yours. And not to listen to people who tell stupid anecdotes and cry out that such women are not very clever.

Blonde women are very popular due to their appearance of course. And, unfortunately, they have to put more efforts to creating the image of knowing people than other women do. They work much harder and have to constantly develop themselves to prove the world that they have something else but their pretty faces and white curls.

According to scientists, blonde hair is a real miracle. Natural blondes are not too widespread. They actually came to us from the North but tend to quickly disappear. It is said that in the 23st century there will be no more blondes left in the world. And all because of the possibility of the child with such hair color to appear. A child with fair hair will be born only if both parents have the same hair color. As the majority of nations that populate the planet has dark hair, it is harder and harder for such a miracle to happen. Nowadays, there are only 14% of all population left blond though recently this number was 49%.

So this is another reason to values blondes. They are rear. Rear like diamonds. And they are the same precious. You should take care of them and treat with delicacy, spoiling them with some signs of attention from time to time. For example, you may choose some gift on Veronikalove prepared especially for this holiday. May your blonde lady feel herself even more unique than she is!


  1. Blondes are the most beautiful ladies!

  2. I always enjoy galleries on VeronikaLove. All girls look like models!

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