14th of February – Valentine’s Day

VeronikaLove is happy to congratulate all those who are looking for their love with the holiday of everyone who is connected with this wonderful and sweet feeling – love! On the 14th of February, the whole world shouts out about their feelings and unites in the celebration of the Day of all lovers – St. Valentine’s Day. We hope that you will also celebrate this day wonderfully together with the lady of your dreams whom you love dearly!

This day has a very long history from ancient times. It is dedicated to Saint Valentine who helped to get married to everyone who wanted this during the times of Rome Empire. This person believes that there is nothing more important than love and was ready to give his life for it! This romantic story became the base of the holiday celebrated on the 14th of February, and that is known all over the world with different variations.

The main way of celebrating this day is, of course, to take your significant other and shower each other with feelings and various presents. It is traditional to exchange gifts that are connected with love. Some things that have a shape of a heart are the most widespread, for example, chocolates, cookies or soap – anything that can be put into this form. Yet if you are in long-term relations, it is better to present something more significant, for example, a pendant in the form of heart or a bouquet of flowers. All this can be found in the Gifts on VeronikaLove site! And you should visit online chat on the 14th of February to see the reaction of your beloved Slavic bride on camera when she receives your surprise!

Don’t forget that there is no such notion as a certain day for love. Your feelings have no boundaries, and you can celebrate it every day of your relations! Love and be loved this day and all over the year!

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