How to Make Compliments to Ladies

In dating on VeronikaLove site communication is the most important part. And compliments are your weapon to the heart of your beloved Slavic lady!

Even the most impregnable and skeptical lady will not resist the sincere admiration of her person. Especially considering the well-known fact that girls love with ears. But you need to present compliments so that they do not cause rejection, and for this, you need to remember the main rule: a compliment must be honest. The line between compliment and obsessive rude flattery is very thin. A woman will always feel insincerity, especially if she is obvious enough.

The girl’s appearance is what she expects to receive compliments from men in the first place. For the sake of this, she spends hours in front of the mirror, picks up an outfit for a meeting and puts on a stunning make-up as much as she can. A compliment towards the beautiful appearance of a woman is a win-win option for the stronger sex.

In any case, the compliment must be original enough to be deposited in the girl’s memory. Be sure to pay attention to unusual accessories or a new hairstyle of a lady - if she puts emphasis on something, then she will like that the man noticed and approved it. In addition, it is important to remember that the more personalized the compliment, the better.

Also, giving a compliment, one should beware of verbal curtsies in the direction of certain shortcomings, because of which the girl can complex. Such a sloppy compliment can be perceived as a direct mockery, even if in your thoughts there was nothing seditious. If you know that a girl does not like her nose, a compliment towards the “Greek profile” is still unlikely to raise her self-esteem. It is best not to notice those features that the woman herself is definitely not happy about. In addition, moralizing compliments look very strange: "What a good hairstyle you have - you should always lose your hair." She will figure it out somehow.

A good compliment is a calm compliment. No need to idiotically admire and drool for half an hour on her new hairstyle. It is enough to comment once with a smile on the irresistibility of curls and calm down on this without developing thought and not writing multi-page odds on the go - this can be perceived as posturing and obsession. The compliment should be short and capacious in order to stay in the girl’s memory and not bore the listener.

By the way, even the inept compliment, said in private, the girl is likely to accept favorably. But since you praise her in public, be so kind as to do it as qualitatively and beautifully as possible. Otherwise, you risk becoming a victim of ridicule, which a woman will try to brighten up the awkwardness of the situation in front of others.

Another important point - the compliment should be in place. You need to be aware of the relationship in which you are with this particular girl and in which you intend to stay. Beware of overly personal compliments to an unfamiliar lady, so as not to embarrass her and put her in a stupid position. And it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of a woman, including her age.

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