7th of January – Orthodox Christmas Day

On the 7th of January, the whole Slavic world celebrates a very important religious holiday – Orthodox Christmas! This day is accepted by people in a very serious way. Many of them fast before this day, so on the 7th of January, they include more tasty dishes to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Also, the obligatory visit church early in the morning to pray, they can also spend the whole night there.

The 7th on January is the official public holiday, so almost all institutions are closed, and people have a day off. They gather with their families and have a festive dinner. This dinner must obligatorily consist of 12 dishes. They include kutya, lenten bread, mushroom soup and other dishes that can be cooked in winter. People also exchange gifts as they do on the New Year. The saint of this day is St. Nicholas, he is the one who brings the gifts to children this day. In the cities, many festivals are held as well as different concerts and other events to entertain people who enjoy their small winter holiday!

There are many specific traditions connected to this holiday. Children walk to different houses and ask for sweets by singing the special Christmas songs, shchedrivkas. Also, there is a theater called vertep in which people dress specific national costumes of animals, for example, into a goat, and also walk around the streets singing songs and entertaining everyone.

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