16th of April – World Voice Day

On April 16, a holiday is celebrated, the name of which initially evokes associations on the theme of a person's vocal abilities. This is World Voice Day. In fact, this holiday, the idea to celebrate which appeared in the late 1990s, is dedicated to the phenomenon of the human voice and its role in people's lives.

The establishment of the international holiday was initiated by the American Academy of Otolaryngology. In Russia, they joined the celebration of this day in 2006.

The purpose of establishing International Voice Day is to draw the attention of medical specialists, as well as all people on Earth to the phenomenon of the human voice - a gift that allows people to communicate, express their emotions and feelings, delight with the beauty of sound, etc.

Traditionally, on April 16, in all countries that have joined the celebration of the Day, events are held with the participation of specialist doctors whose specialization is directly or indirectly related to maintaining the health of a person's voice, preventing and treating diseases of the vocal apparatus. Seminars, lectures and symposia bring together doctors, both at the regional and international levels, allowing them to exchange experiences.

Individual events (open days and concerts) are held by representatives of professions where the voice plays a key role: announcers, TV and radio presenters, actors, singers, journalists and others.

Medical specialists and professionals, whose work and vocation are associated with the vocal apparatus, tirelessly repeat that in order to preserve the voice and prevent diseases of the vocal apparatus, it is first of all necessary to adhere to simple (basic) rules of a healthy lifestyle. Among the main causes of voice problems, they name bad habits (first of all, smoking), as well as neglect to prevent colds and stressful situations.

Among the most interesting and unusual methods of realizing the importance of voice in everyday life is the method proposed by British experts and called the "Hour of Silence", when during daily activity or work it is proposed to stop using the voice for one hour and try to solve all the questions that have arisen during this time. Tasks and problems without using it.

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