25th of April – Day of Daughter

There are lots of interesting and important holidays in the world. We have a day that praises mother, and the day that praises dad. And on the 25th of April there is a holiday of all daughters! Unfortunately, there is no information on who has established this bright holiday but the fact of its existence proves that we really needed it.

The birth of a daughter is truly the great event in the life of every man. So, this day is usually celebrated in the circle of relatives. Girls are tender creatures, and they are happy to know that they are loved by everyone. If you are the lucky father of the daughter, don’t forget to congratulate her and present a nice and beautiful gift!

The main goal of this holiday is to attract attention to the growing of the new woman, a part of society, her role in our world. And, of course, to help the girl understand herself and find her way in the future.

On VeronikaLove there are ladies who have children. Life of a woman doesn’t finish after the divorce, and each of them dreams of happy relations and life-long love. If your lady has a daughter, this is a great opportunity for you to build stronger connection with her, as on the Day of Daughter you can show how much you value each side of life of your lady! Choose a wonderful gift for a little princess. This may be a teddy bear or a certificate to the children store. And don’t forget to tell your lady that you are happy to have these two girls in your life!

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