8th of October – World Post Day

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World Post Day is one of the annual international holidays. It was established in 1969 by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Celebrated as part of the Week of Writing on 9 October. The holiday is also included in the system of world and international days of the United Nations and is designed to promote the popularization and development of postal services in the world.

World Post Day is celebrated every year with a theme. So, in 2004 the theme of the holiday was "The widespread distribution of postal services", in 2006 - "The worldwide postal network: for everyone and in every city."

Every year, more than 150 countries around the world hold various events dedicated to World Post Day. In some countries, World Post Day is a public holiday. Many post offices are taking advantage of this opportunity to introduce or promote new postal products and services. Some post offices are also taking advantage of the opportunity to host awards ceremonies for their most distinguished employees on World Post Day.

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