8th of August – World Cat Day

World Cat Day is celebrated on August 8 at the initiative of the International Animal Welfare Fund "Animal Welfare", not only to attract domestic animals but also to draw attention to the problem of stray cats and cats. And today, the holiday unites millions of owners of these animals around the world.

Around the world: about 80% of all inhabitants of the Earth, and more than half of them have special preferences for cats, in second place are dogs.

In addition to “aesthetic pleasures” (which may be pleasant for you on your lap). They perfectly exterminate rodents, treat some diseases and even prolong the life of their master. So it was found that cat owners are 40% less likely to suffer from heart disease, and they also have fewer heart attacks and strokes. Even whole “cat therapies” have been developed that help treats a number of diseases, in particular, joint inflammation and gynecological diseases.

Cats are often heroes of fairy tales, cartoons, etc. Many people in the world have many beliefs and signs associated with cats. The most common is that several people live in cats, and they can be intuitively configured to make people live and feel unkind guests.
For example, in these countries, there are animals that are in a special state position, for example, protected warehouses and food products that ensure safety at the legislative level. By the way, in Japan, there is even a Temple of cats built in honor of 7 cats, who served in Japan and Germany in the 17th century - the Feline Museum, which gathered numerous exhibits that have many cats and were selected around the world. There are cat museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In the holiday itself - the Day of Cats - the culprits of solemn and all kinds of balls - buyers of various delicacies, new houses, and toys for their pets. In this case, it was even allowed to open special parking lots for walking cats and cat shops, cafes and hotels, where you can settle in nurseries with great comfort.

And, of course, you can talk and talk endlessly about these wonderful and graceful animals, close relatives of the tigers and leopards themselves. I want you to have your own home, caring owners and delicious food. People who need to remember that we are responsible for those who have tamed and thank these unique animals once again.
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