5th of October – World Smile Day

Smile! As on the 5th of October, the whole world celebrates the bright and positive holiday of the smile! This gesture, if it may be called this way, is universal for all nations. Even if you don’t know the language of the person you are talking to, just smile – and everyone will know that you are friendly or you are happy and in a good mood. A nice kind smile can improve the day of everyone!

This holiday was first created back in 1999. It is also connected with the creation of the smiley face, the one that is yellow and has a broad smile. Nowadays, it is widely used on the Internet, in social media, and in various messengers. It is almost impossible to imagine the everyday communication with people we love without the use of different smiles. It is even believed that if you don’t put a smile in your message, this is the sign that you are angry!

Even scientists have proved that the smile can improve mood. Even your own! It is highly advised to start your day with a smile… to yourself! When you wake up and go to the bathroom, don’t look at a weird crumpled gloomy face. Smile! And you will feel much better from the first minutes of your day, and it will go much smoother!

To celebrate this day, you surely need to do one thing: to be more cheerful, but also not to forget about people around you, and those whom you love! Nothing can bring up a smile easier than a good attitude to someone. There is a children song in Russian that has words “A smile will make the day brighter.” All Slavic ladies do know it well, that’s why they are always so smiling, happy beautiful and bright! And you can make your beloved Ukrainian lady smile even more often with a help of the real gifts! Even a bouquet of flowers will make her bloom, just send one to her and then visit online video chat to check this by yourself! A smile of a beautiful lady is really worth it!

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