31st of August – Blog Day

This is the fun holiday that commemorates the importance of the Internet nowadays and that so many people almost live there and spend time there. Internet became an integral part of our life, as it can even unite hearts! And VeronkiaLove is the proof of this. So many ladies from Ukraine and Russia have found their love here, and so many are still waiting for their another half from another country!

This holiday was created in 2005. At that time, people registered on the site LiveJournal noticed that the word “BLOG” looks similar to the numbers “3108”, so that’s how the date, the 31st of August, was chosen.

Ladies from VeronikaLove are also interested in blogging! They travel, they work and blogs are places where they can share their experience with everyone they wish! Maybe your Single Slavic lady is even more creative, and writes verses? She will surely be glad to share with you something from her creations! And photography also makes many people create their blogs to show the way they see our world!

By the way, if you are reading this article, this means that we are also taking part in this holiday! The blog of VeronikaLove will keep on doing its best to provide you with only the most interesting articles and to help you find your significant other on the site! All fresh news about innovations on the site, or places to see in Ukraine and Russia and curious holidays celebrated around the world can be found and enjoyed here! If you are bored, we will be happy to raise your mood and entertain you any day of the year, as life is the holiday that should be celebrated every minute!

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