28th of April – Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a global annual international event organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF, which is held annually on one of the last Saturday of March. It lies in the fact that on this day at the appointed time, people in different countries of the world turn off the lights and other electrical appliances for one hour.

The meaning of this action is to attract the widest possible attention of the entire world community to the problem of climate change on our planet, to show our support for the idea of the need for joint actions in solving this environmental problem.

It is worth noting that the “Earth Hour” is, first of all, a symbolic action of respect for nature, a public call for decisive measures to preserve the planet’s climate and concern for its limited resources.

For the first time, the idea to turn off electricity for an hour to demonstrate its solidarity in the fight for environmental protection was realized by WWF in 2007 on the scale of one city - Sydney (Australia). The very next year, this event was supported by a wide community (more than 100 million people in 35 countries joined the action), becoming an international environmental initiative. Since then, the action has been gaining momentum, and more and more people, cities, and countries are participating in it.

Today, Earth Hour is the most massive environmental action on the planet. It is attended by more than 2 billion people around the world from 188 countries, where the illumination of more than 18,000 architectural monuments goes out.

It is really easy to help our Earth. Turning off the light for an hour is really nothing, and everyone can do this. But after you turn your electricity on, don't forget to write your beloved lady on VeronikaLove about participating in this holiday, and that you care about our planet!

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