21th of February – International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day, proclaimed by the General Conference of UNESCO on November 17, 1999, has been celebrated since 2000 annually on February 21 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

In turn, the UN General Assembly, in its resolution, declared 2008 the International Year of Languages. 2010 was proclaimed the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.

Languages are the most powerful tool for the preservation and development of our material and spiritual heritage. According to UNESCO estimates, half of the approximately 6 thousand languages of the world may soon lose their last native speakers. Every two weeks, one language disappears in the world, taking with it a whole cultural and intellectual heritage.

All steps to promote the spread of native languages serve not only to promote linguistic diversity and multilingual education, to develop a more complete acquaintance with linguistic and cultural traditions around the world, but also strengthen solidarity based on mutual understanding, tolerance and dialogue.

Mother tongues are unique in the way they leave an imprint on every person from the moment of birth, giving him a special vision of things that will never actually disappear, even though later on a person masters many languages. Learning a foreign language is a way to get acquainted with a different vision of the world, with other approaches. ”

Each year, as part of the celebration of the Mother Tongue Day, various events are held in different countries on a particular topic and aimed at promoting respect, as well as promoting and protecting all languages (especially languages that are on the verge of extinction), linguistic diversity and multilingualism. So, in different years, the Day was devoted to the following topics: the relationship between the mother tongue and multilingualism, especially in education; Braille and sign language raising public awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions based on mutual understanding, tolerance and dialogue; safeguarding the intangible heritage of humanity and preserving cultural diversity; the role of the language taught in schools and others.

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