17th of March – St. Patrick’s Day

St’ Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday. It commemorates the saint that brought Christianity to Ireland in the 5th century. It is celebrated for many centuries, and is considered to be one of the most vivid and, of course, loved by Irish people. The feel especially proud for the fact that their holiday is known all around the world, and there are people who tend to celebrate it even despite the fact they don’t live in Ireland! This happened due to many immigrants who moved from the native country to the USA Australia and Canada, that’s why St. Patrick’s Day can even be named international nowadays.

The main color of this holiday is green. So everything around is painted green. People dress like leprechauns and wear shamrocks – the symbol of great luck. Despite the fact that this is initially religious holiday, it has lost its spirit and became more vivid. People simply try to spend it greatly, and attract as much luck for the following year as possible. They gather in big companies and visit pubs and bars to drink beer, as this is also a tradition of this day!

But what can you do on St. Patrick’s Day? Of course, wear everything green! This is a bright color that raises your mood and gives you the feeling that spring is near not matter which weather you have outside the window. And tell your lady about it! You can spend the day together in chat. Ask your beloved Slavic bride to put on an elegant green dress and to show you it in online chat. And if you decide to be her leprechaun, remember that these mystical creatures are known for presenting gold to those who is lucky to meet them. You can also make a golden gift to your lady! Just visit the page of Real Gifts on VeronikaLove and choose something that will be the best decoration for your lady to your taste!

So, the best part of the St. Patrick’s Day is simply having fun together! Going out to different places that have theme events and join them, even if you don’t live in Ireland!

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