15th of May – International Day of Families

International Day of Families, celebrated annually on May 15, was proclaimed by UN General Assembly in 1993.

The establishment of this day aims to draw the attention of the public to many problems of the family. And its implementation provides an opportunity to raise awareness in matters relating to families, and to deepen knowledge of the socioeconomic and demographic processes that affect the situation of families.

According to the UN, when the basic rights of one family are violated - the unity of the entire human family of which they are members is at risk.

Being one of the main institutions of society, the first stage of human socialization, the family develops and changes together with the outside world, responding in its own way to the demands of the times, responding to social needs and shaping them.

The family, as the main element of society, has been and remains the keeper of human values, culture, and the historical continuity of generations, a factor in stability and development. Thanks to the family, the state is growing stronger and developing, and the well-being of the people is growing. At all times, the development of the country as judged by the position of the family in society and the state about it.

A person’s life begins with a family, and here he is formed as a citizen. The family is a source of love, respect, solidarity, and affection, something on which any civilized society is built, without which a person cannot exist. The well-being of the family is the measure of the development and progress of the country.

By the way, every year for the International Day of Families a certain topic is selected to cover all the aspects of family life.

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