6th of July – World Kissing Day

Today, everyone can "share their souls" in full rights - July 6 is World Kiss Day (World Kiss Day or World Kissing Day), which was first invented in the UK.

In many cities on this day, various kissing contests take place, the participants of which have a chance to win various prizes and gifts.

How did the kiss come about? Most knowledgeable people claim that the authorship of the first kiss has not been established. It was not invented, like electricity or the telephone. He was not named for the man who first joined his lips and immediately opened them with a characteristic sound, leaving a wet imprint on his girlfriend’s cheek.

Yes, in general, it is not so important where the word for this action came from. It is much more interesting to find out why the action itself appeared, but on this score anthropologist, historians, and philosophers have not yet agreed on this point. There are many theories.

Why do people kiss? Firstly, because it is grafted by culture. Almost all over the world, people, getting into a romantic situation, feel an unconscious need to kiss. It seems that the representatives of the opposite sex are programmed to kiss and just that they are waiting. If you understand this, then you will receive more kisses themselves, and more pleasure from them.

This program is valid every day. People see actors kissing on television, in movies, and in commercials, they are told that their friends are kissing so-and-so, they see people kissing on the street. As a result, in certain situations, a kiss is perceived as their mandatory component. Therefore, in a romantic situation, the subconscious stereotype takes effect, and people feel an almost overwhelming desire to kiss, regardless of whether they really want it or not.

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