4th of December – Day of Writing Letters to Santa!

New Year is really close! And on the 4th of December children in Slavic countries start writing letters to a fairy-tale character, “Ded Moroz” who is similar to Santa Claus. This holiday is very important to everyone living there, as this is a majestic and thrilling time!

In Russia, there is a special service that starts working in December and works till the very New Year. Children can put their letters there and wait for a miracle! And the point is that there are people who gather these letters and try to answer them all! Of course, they can’t fulfill the wishes of children, but they can send a very beautiful letter and their kindest words to help them keep on believing in a fairy-tale and live in their childhood as long as possible.

In this miraculous time, everyone can become Santa Claus or Ded Moroz, and you are not an exception! Of course, on VeronikaLove site all Slavic single ladies are grown-ups, and they are looking for relations and love, but don’t you think that it would be great to participate in this holiday and let your significant one comes back to childhood for at least one day? To the times where all wishes were coming true, and it was so easy to reach everything you wish!

It is quite simple to be Santa Claus for your lady. You can ask her in advance what are her wishes, but thanks to the holiday on the 4th of December this will be less obvious for her that you are preparing a surprise! Tell her about this day and offer to write a letter on what she would like to get on the New Year eve! And next everything is simple.

Just go to the Real Gifts section on VeronikaLove site and choose the one your lady wanted to receive! Everything else will be done by the site. Your lady will believe in a fairy-tale again when she gets a desirable gift from her most loving and beloved man – you!

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