28th of October – International Animation Day

International Animation Daн, which is celebrated annually on October 28, was initiated by the French branch of the International Animated Film Association (ASIFA) in 2002 to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the public presentation of the first animation technology.

On this significant day - October 28, 1892 - in Paris, the artist and inventor Emile Reynaud invited the audience to a new, hitherto unseen spectacle - the "theater optique". The talented inventor for the first time publicly demonstrated his praxinoscope apparatus, which showed moving pictures. Now we would call this event the birth of the prototype of modern cartoons, and it is this date that is now considered the beginning of the era of animated films.

In many countries, holiday events begin a few days before the designated date. On the eve of the International Day of Animation, professionals, and amateurs of animated films from all over the world exchange programs of their films and organize premiere screenings of bestsellers for a grateful audience that has been waiting for this event for a whole year. Now such cartoon sessions are being held simultaneously in 104 countries of the world!

Today, the technical capabilities of animation are amazing - these are 2D animation (traditional and digital), 3D animation, Flash animation, Stop Motion, and VFX.

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