19th of August – World Photography Day

Photography is a unique phenomenon because in photographs you can capture events, interesting moments, beautiful places, favorite faces, moments that will never happen again ... Thanks to them, you can return to the past, because looking at photos, we recall many wonderful moments of life. In addition, for some, photography is not just a hobby, but also a profession and even art.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this phenomenon has its own personal holiday - World Photography Day, which all photographers (both amateurs and professionals) and connoisseurs of this art celebrate annually on August 19. And it was founded in 2009 at the initiative of an Australian photographer named Korske Ara.

In subsequent years, many scientists continued to improve the process of obtaining photographs using various materials and reagents. In 1861, James Maxwell managed to reproduce a color photo, and the invention in 1981 by Sony of a digital camera made it possible to take digital photographs and abandon traditional film (although many professional photographers still prefer it in their work). And today, into the world of digital technology, we can easily take photographs ourselves, which then make us smile, feel sad, or hold our breath.

And, of course, photography occupies a special place in the lives of those who choose this occupation as their profession, because their work can rightfully be called art. Therefore, today all photographers can be congratulated on their professional holiday.

In general, World Photography Day is a holiday for everyone who likes to take pictures and take pictures, which means the event is incredibly bright and positive. Therefore, today boldly pick up any equipment that can capture unforgettable moments and views, and more!

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Happy holiday to you friends! Look more often at the world and surrounding reality through the camera lens and please others with your unique photographs.

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