Things You Should Never Tell Your Significant Other

Every day different things happen in our life, but the most important one is love that lives between you and your wonderful Slavic lady from VeronikaLove! It blooms strongly no matter what time of the year it is, and even in autumn, it will not wither. But only if you keep it warm and well cared for! Relations also mean lots of communication. Sending letters or chatting online – all this is your everyday conversation. And if you want your relations to be healthy, you should remember that there are things you should never tell your second half.

Never tell your beloved person to go away! Your “get out” might be the last words told to the partner, as nothing abuses more than the sending away! Really, this breaks heart and don’t allow your partner believe any longer that there are some feelings between you two. In the heat of the quarrel, you may ruin everything you have.

Never make negative comments on the members of the family. No one says that you must love them. This is not your family, you never lived with these people. But even if you don’t like them for some reason – don’t even think about criticizing them. Remember: the family contains people your partner knows for the entire life. And you are not acquainted that long.

By all means, avoid comparing your partner to someone else. Both in negative and positive attitude. Your significant other is the one and the only who is the dearest to you, and if you start comparing, your partner might think that you have some other idol, and this idol gets much more attention and love than the partner. And don’t forget that all people are individual, and not each and every person is the same if they act in some particular way.

Don’t demand anything by threatening and issuing ultimatums. In your quarrel, you might want to say “choose: either you… or I...” but believe, this will only make worse. You will either suppress the will of your significant other or receive the contrary result by your significant other giving up and letting you do your threat. Or even starting acting the same way and revenging you. In any case, you will not like the things you’ll have after such behavior.

So, the most important thing that you SHOULD do is to listen and to respect your significant other. These two elements are like the soil and water to your relations, and your Love is the sun that will help it bloom all year round.

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