Places to Visit in Kherson

Kherson is quite a small town but nevertheless, it is a very romantic place which you will surely love at the first glance. It is located not far from the Black Sea, so in summer many people tend to spend a great time on the beaches with their families and friends.

Of course, Kherson will be better for those who like calm towns. There are not so many places of attraction here, and the spirit of the Soviet Union is still strong. It is the town of shipbuilding and machine building, a really industrial place. There are also many ports here, so foreigners are common among the locals, and they tend to greet everyone very warmly. Be sure that many of them know English and will be happy to help you if you need this! Also, be ready to the fact that the most widespread transport here is minibusses called marshrutkas and trolleybuses. As the city is small, there is no need for an active transportation.

Walking down the town, you can see many cathedrals and churches. This is actually a typical sight for Ukrainian cities, as people in this country are very spiritual. So, one of the most magnificent and oldest cathedrals is the St. Catherine’s Cathedral built in the 18th century. Another one that will drag your attention is the Greek Sophia Church that is noticeable for its wall paintings and the wonderful iconostasis as well as many wooden statues.

Being in Kherson, you must visit its Fortress. It was founded in 1778 and may consider being the basis of the whole town. There are also two arch gates near it: Moscow and Ochakiv ones. This historical monument will help you to feel better the spirit of this place.

The most important and well-known “visit card” of Kherson is Frigate. This is the monument located near one of the ports, also known as the Monument to the First Shipment. It actually looks like a ship standing at the top of the pedestal, but everyone who has ever visited Kherson will always associate this city with this monument.

In any case, what is more, important is not the place but the person you are with! Your marvelous Slavic lady from VeronikaLove whom you come to visit will be glad to show you such secret places that no one would tell you about!

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