How to Dress Up for the First Meeting

When planning your first date, first of all, remember where you invited your girlfriend. So the theater will meet its own clothing style, and the night club should be dressed in a completely different way. In other words, your “suit” must fit into the surroundings. The only general rule is the cleanliness and neatness of clothing.

The most common date is a cheap cafe. There are quite a lot of motley people here, so it’s not difficult to stand out in the good sense of the word. But you should not go too far. You will look ridiculous in an expensive suit from a famous brand. It is better to wear dark jeans and a light cardigan. Particular attention should be paid to shoes. Never wear sneakers or sneakers. In general, when going on a date, exclude sportswear from your field of vision. On your feet should be shoes and nothing but shoes. Regardless of the price, the shoes should be clean, so it will not be superfluous to have a sponge for shoes with you.

Shoes are the second person of a man and a girl give her look a lot more important than we think. If you are going to an elite restaurant, then you should dress stricter. An expensive suit and tie and a shirt with a starched collar will already be appropriate here. However, if you rarely put on such clothes, I would advise you to rehearse a little in advance - try on a suit, walk around the house in it, sit at a table, eat. This is necessary so that on the first date you feel more confident and do not constantly get nervous due to the lack of habit of such clothes. A girl can jerk your interpretation and attribute it to self-doubt.
bad taste in clothes.

When going to the movies, follow the same rules for clothes for a cafe. It is also worth considering that the room can be cool, so a light jacket or windbreaker will not be superfluous. In general, try to dress according to the weather. Shorts and sandals in the autumn will look at you as ridiculous as woolen socks in the thirty-degree heat. If your date is planned in the open air, then it will not be amiss to find out the weather forecast and, if necessary, bring an umbrella with you. In my opinion, an umbrella is the only clothing accessory that will not spoil a man’s appearance. Everything else on a date is useless. Agree, a man purse, popular in the recent past, today looks no longer solid and stupid. Huge rings and gold chains the thickness of the little finger is also better to remove, unless of course, your chosen one is not forty, flying at all sparkling and brilliant. Really wealthy and serious people will never demonstrate their security with such "cheap show-offs", and this may be known to your girlfriend.

Any clothing should smell good - emit a subtle aroma, and not carry a sugary stink for a mile or two. Therefore, you do not need to pour half a bottle of cologne on yourself according to the principle: you won’t spoil the porridge with butter. And finally, the clothes should be your size. No roll-up of trousers and sleeves is allowed. In a suit or jeans, shirt or jumper, you should feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about socks and underwear. As already noted in personal hygiene, they are subject to daily change. In addition, there should not be holes or patches on socks and underwear - who knows how your data will end and where you will have to take off at least the shoes...

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