You May Understand that She Is Willing to Marry You!

VeronikaLove analyzed all successful relations that were built on our site and has created a list of signs that can help your lady understand that you are ready to move to a more serious stage of your relationship - to get married, and she will agree to become your wife.

1. She speaks of your exceptionalism, of that special place that you occupy in her life. “You are the only one with whom I feel so good/calm/fun, to whom I can tell such things”, “You just inimitably cook dumplings!”

2. Much depends on how she relates to the institution of the family and marriage in general: how she reacts by receiving an invitation to the wedding of friends or spending time in the company of married couples. She rolls her eyes and repeats that “they will not call a good deed a marriage,” or accepts what is happening as an integral part of life? This shows how ready she is for marriage, in principle - unlike the rest of the points saying how much she is ready to start a family with you.

3. She not only introduces you to family and friends but also invites you to all family holidays.

4. She begins to touch you more often with or without, as in the first days of a relationship: she will massage your neck, stroke your hand, or hug you from behind.

5. She keeps you in the know; you know what is going on at her work. This means that she let you into her life.

6. She never said that you were pushing her, that you were trying to control her, push her around, that she needed more freedom, etc. Because such words mean that she feels like in a cage from which she will one day decide to escape. Marry those with whom they feel equal.

7. You live together. It is not a fact that she wants to turn a “civil marriage” into a real one, and yet living together is an important decision.

8. She shares with you not only the bedroom. But the overall budget, and even the responsibility for the common pet. Having a common dog or cat is, of course, not the same as having a child, but also a serious step.

9. She speaks directly or with hints of children, thinks about paternity: if not right now, then in the foreseeable future.

10. Finally - a variant from a romantic comedy that works in life. If you have been together for a long time and suddenly she got excited as if she had gathered for the first time in the first-class - she is finally ready to become your wife!

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