What to Wear on the First Date

What you put on the first meeting with the girl will definitely affect whether you see her for the second time - and this is usually solved in the first few seconds. A good outfit cannot affect the results of the date, but a bad outfit definitely affects.

First date offline

Your main task is to be Mr. Cool and not Mr. Last Serving. You need to make a lasting impression so that your girlfriend singles out and remembers your date against the background of all the others she has had / will have to visit. So put on something to help you stand out from the crowd of online dating professionals.

Bring flowers on a date with this fun Prada shirt. An open turndown collar (camp or Cuban collar) is very popular this season, so you get a wardrobe item in which you can flaunt all spring and summer. The rest of the ensemble still looks fashionable but muffled: you don’t want to shock the young lady with an outfit from the catwalk. And it is important that you feel comfortable in it. Slim Dries Van Noten trousers in a thin, almost invisible, striped print color on the shirt (the girl should appreciate such attention to detail). And this minimalist navy blue jacket from Jil Sander will look great with almost anything.

Coffee meeting

Listen, it's just coffee, no need to worry about it. But, of course, we all know how much effort is needed to look careless. So we suggest talking in more detail about elevated casual, this style suggests that you look easy and relaxed, but if you look closely, you feel the good taste in every detail.

Pay attention to this denim jacket from Ami - everything is in it: an unusual cut, seams, each in its own place, that's what distinguishes it from ordinary jeans. Underneath is a trendy Ami sports sweater from the 70s, which is now in the trend. Acne Studios' thin elasticated trousers will give you relaxedness as if you were wearing your workout trousers, but they are made of mohair. Sporty but cute.

Now let's talk about the date itself. It's no secret that alcohol gives the effect of looseness and leisurely conversation, but the presence of the nervous effect of caffeine can complicate a date, just be prepared for any development. Order yourself a cappuccino in a takeaway cup in case you need to leave abruptly (in this case, Lanvin sneakers will come in handy) but if everything goes well, make sure you have menthol refreshing candies in your pocket, for you and your companion. Because the only thing that can push away more than the lack of taste in clothes is coffee breath.

Date in nature

An invigorating spring walk in the fresh air, holding hands, followed by a hearty lunch in a pub in front of an open fire. A great way to spend a day. For this, layering in clothing is useful to you, which will help you feel comfortable, and on the banks of the river curled by all the winds, and in the rays of the spring sun, and in a warm room.

A cozy Beams Plus flannel shirt is worn over John Smedley's soft and body-friendly high neck sweater. If you suddenly feel too warm, the shirt can be easily unfastened or removed. Well, the smart and practical solution will complete your look: a naval parka from Acne Studios and short black boots from Tricker.

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