What to Present Your Lady on the First Date

VeronikaLove is the site that wishes you only the best. Ans the best gifts you can present are currently can be purchased on our site! They will be delivered to your love quickly. But what should you present to her at your very first meeting?

1. Flowers
Immortal classics and the most obvious way to express your sympathy. However, here you also need to have a sense of proportion: going to a meeting without flowers at all or with an unbearable broom would be equally wrong. After all, the lady will have to carry this voluminous uncomfortable cargo along with her throughout the walk (if she is planned) or on her way home.

Therefore, it is better to leave uncountable bouquets for a visit to visit, and on a date take one long rows without cellophane, ribbons and other excesses. If the meeting takes place in the spring, then a tastefully decorated bouquet of lilacs will be an unusual, unstressed and incomparably smelling option. Against the background of traditional roses, orchids and tulips, a bouquet of wildflowers will be just as original.

2. Original souvenir
Of course, you have to find out in advance about the girl's hobby. The artist, for example, will be happy with the easel, especially if he has crafted with the hands of the gentleman himself. The writer will like a beautiful high-quality notebook for sketches of future works. A gift can be associated not only with creativity but also with the faculty where the student girl is studying. If the cat cried, the universal option would be a beautiful mug with her name.

3. Book
Fortunately, the fashion for reading and the love of books are gradually returning, and in recent years the giving of an interesting book has become a sign of good taste. In order for the book not to fall into the category of dust collectors and really be read, it must correspond to the literary tastes of the girl, and, of course, she must be absent from her home library. In addition, to make the book look like a gift, and not like giving out literature in the library, you should look for a beautiful gift edition.

4. Music and film
If a girl is a true connoisseur of cinema or music, and it is not enough for her to download a film/song from the first site she gets, a licensed disc with an album of her favourite band or film will be a great addition to her collection. The advantage of the gift lies in the fact that the girl’s musical and film devices can be found on the pages of social networks.

5. Candy
The first stage of the relationship is not in vain called the candy-bouquet period. A box of chocolates from well-known confectionery companies will do just fine, only if the girl is not fanatically devoted to healthy eating.

6. Impressions
You can give not only material presents but also unforgettable memories. Taking a girl with you to an amusement park, for an unusual excursion, to a planetarium, zoo or cinema is even better than buying another bauble or a half thousand kilocalories in colourful packaging. And although in most cases the surprise is more effective and pleasant, if the non-standard date planned by the guy involves a long walk (the same excursion), it is better to warn the girl in advance so that she is dressed and dressed appropriately.

7. Postcard with original words.
Something between a gift and an oral compliment, and in combination with the most accessible of those surprises that giving a girl on a first date would be appropriate. An indisputable plus of such a modest gift is that the girl will not feel a bit obligated, because postcards cost a few pennies, but are valued exclusively for the words written inside.

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