Tips for the Dating

Do not try to impress the girl
Do not talk about your heroic deeds, as fabricated stories are easily felt. By deceiving a girl, you can get confused or forget, and the truth will come to the surface. Such behavior will ruin the girl’s opinion of you.
If you want to impress a girl - make it your restraint and modesty.

Keep eye contact
Whether you are speaking or listening, maintain eye contact. The result of the first date depends on how you can keep eye contact. This is a very intimate moment for girls. By this, you show that you know what you want and are confident in yourself. This will reduce the distance between you.

Avoid Negative Talking Topics
Positive communication topics On the first date you can talk on any topics that interest both. The basis of communication with girls is positive emotions. Remember that girls do not like pessimists. This is proven by psychologists. If you want to be successful in women - stick to positive in everything.

End your date at an emotional peak
Finishing a date at the peak It’s not worthwhile to delay the first date, especially a good one. If everything is fine now, this does not mean that in an hour or two it will not turn into a dreary and boring date. To avoid this situation, it is better to leave at the very peak of a date. As they say - "Leave at the peak of glory!". In this case, the girl will have the most positive impression.

Seeing the girl home, arrange a second date. Say you had a great time with her. Do not forget to add that with her it was not like with others, it is actually interesting and good. It is better to say such words when you are sure that it is mutual.

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