Things You Shouldn’t Do on the First Date

One of the most important stages of a relationship is the first date. After all, it is after him that you can both arouse the girl’s even greater interest and discourage any desire to continue communicating with you. At best, she will transfer you to the category of "friends."

Men, in order to make a girl want to meet you again, you must know the rules of the first date. Namely, what is permissible and what is not on the first date.

Here are the things that VeronikaLove can name to not do on the first date:
• Be intrusive. You should not call on the morning of the date and ask: "Is everything in our power?" A girl may think that you are either obsessive or trying to adjust your plans for the evening (not her, so different);
• Be late for a date. Girls do not like when a man is late. If you are late, call and warn;
• Focus on how much you are expecting a girl if she is late;
• Come without flowers or sweets;
• Speak badly about someone, including their ex;
• If a girl shows discontent in something, do not focus on this and, moreover, do not joke about it;
• Speak in a prescriptive tone (the girl should not feel subordinate or like in an exam);
• Use too abstruse terms and phrases in a conversation. Girls love smart men, not smart people;
• Be a whiner, complain, talk emotionally, argue;
• Talk about religion, politics and national differences;
• Show off your financial situation and achievements. When showing off, a girl may consider you as her sponsor;
• Try to kiss a girl. Leave this venture for at least 3 or even 4 dates;
• Behave as sexually preoccupied, induce sex;
•Talking on the phone. Work hard so that no one distracts you (at least turn off the sound on the phone);
• Be mean. This does not mean that you should buy everything around, but the girl should not feel that you are sorry to spend money on her;
• Apply NLP or pickup techniques.
• Finish a meeting on your own initiative. In no case do not say: "At 10 PM I need business, let's go, I will take you home." The date should be a girl.

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