The First Date

VeronikaLove knows well how exciting it is to meet the lady for the first time. SO we have gathered a few pieces of advice for you on this topic. The first date is always a very important thing, in which you need to be able to balance. I am sure you know how to behave on the first date? Do not seem better than you are, do not immediately surrender all the main trumps, do not brag, do not flirt with cool macho. At the same time, it should not be a boring and depressing sight.

If the girl agreed to go on a date with you, then:

She liked you. You hooked her with something and managed to stand out among the crowd of others. So more confidence, man. She is ready to give you a chance. She sees you as a man, not just a friend. You're on a date. And they go to those who are cute. A date is a bride. She will evaluate you, look closely. Consider how to keep her good impressions.

How to understand her signals?

She is being led to you. And shy to show it. She listens carefully and looks at you. This is immediately noticeable. She laughs at your jokes. So she expresses her sympathy and wants you to see it. She is not trying to prove something to you. And it does not build a cool. She is well and comfortable with you, she is as relaxed as possible.

Giggles and flirts. The most important tool they use.

What does she do on a date?

She collects information about you. She wants to know more about you, to understand what kind of person you are, what your interests are, how you live. She collects ideas about you. She asks you a leading question, and the little puzzles in her head start to converge. Identifies you in some category. During the first date, the girl immediately becomes clear who you can be: a friend, acquaintance, lover, or future boyfriend.

How to look at the first date

Shower, perfume, clean linen, and shoes. Neat nails and hairstyle. Shave, if you do not wear a beard. Neat clothes, relevant to the topic of dating.

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