Signs that You Fell in Love

1. The object of sympathy is always in sight
Whatever you are doing on VeronikaLove, you always see her profile. It is very special for you, and your heart starts beating faster when you see her again and again.

2. Her constant flaw
You miss her when she's not around. And when near, you already think about the next meeting. You forget about friends, acquaintances, study, and work. Friends say that you exchanged them for a "woman", but do not blame them, they themselves constantly fall for someone. You are ready to sacrifice all your free time to spend it with her. She is present in all plans for the weekend and another 5 days a week, and nights too. This is definitely one of the signs that you are in love with.

3. Romance and love
Something completely unintelligible is going on with your music playlist on your phone or computer. Where did love songs come from among metal and rock? And you constantly listen to songs on her page in a social network to try to understand how she feels. The music reflects a state of mind. Yes, and sometimes you throw songs to her, trying to convey something with music, which you are afraid to say and even think about. But what is it, do you really think that this is...

4. She is your obsession
She is like an obsession, like an obsession, thought is a virus. You think about it constantly and even mentally talk. She is sitting in your head naked and wrapped as a gift with a ribbon. He sits there and is silent, occasionally purring a song under his breath. The dream doesn’t save either, she plays the main character there, like in the series “Santa Barbara”. Yes, this is one of the clear signs of love.

5. She's perfect
The world has not seen such beautiful girls like her, except perhaps Marilyn Monroe. But when was that? She is a combination of all the qualities that you like: smart, beautiful, charming, kind, passionate and sexy. Well, how not to like this?

6. Are you ready to change
Few things make a person change for the better, and even fewer people because of whom we want to do this. You are not only ready but also changing for the better. Good changes always lead to love, and big changes always lead to great love.

7. Who is there to talk about her with?
You are looking for tips on how to win women from friends, on the Internet and yourself. You are ready to share your feelings about it with friends, although you share more with yourself. You want to talk about it even with passers-by in order to fill it with your life even more, but for some reason, they run away in a panic. Bro, love is getting ready to cover you with your head!

8. You opened your feathers
We can't believe our eyes, mate. Damn, you finally got out shopping to buy some fashionable things! You began to play sports intensively, finally bringing your body into perfect shape, stopped plumping and drink carrot juice.

9. You make joint plans
You thought about the kids, the family, and the common cat. Well, what else can I say? Maybe this is true love?

If you answered yes to most of the questions, then you're stuck, buddy! Yes, yes, you fell in love, and that definitely loves! And VeronikaLove is the best site for finding it!

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