Pieces of Advice from Ladies on Best Topics for Discussion

Number 10. Avoid “Interviews”.

Most people act like a first date is like a job interview. They ask the same old boring questions that the girl has already heard 100 times. Do not ask questions like “How old are you?”; “What are you doing?” And “Do you have brothers or sisters?” this way you won’t fall into the category of guys "just like everyone else." Follow the conversation, avoid such questions, and you can go far.

Number 9. Have a conversation.

If you feel that the conversation is getting boring (you started talking about work), don't be afraid to take control of the conversation. Just say “Enough about that. Let's talk about something more interesting. ” This way you can make a boring conversation (respectively, a boring date) more exciting.

Number 8. Make eye contact.

Not all tips relate to the conversation itself, i.e. you speak/listen - she listens / answers or vice versa. Another thing is very important. When you contact her, carefully look into her beautiful and sexy eyes. Hold eye contact a little longer. This will show her that you are confident in yourself and know what you want.

Number 7. Remember what glamorous magazines write about.

There is a reason why no woman can do without some glossy magazine - they simply cannot live without it! Do not be afraid to ask her what she thinks about the latest fashion news that won awards at fashion shows, or what she thinks about the latest news from the life of a star. When you start discussing topics that are of interest to her, he will automatically consider you interesting.

Number 6. She's following you.

But did you know that when you talk with a waiter, a taxi driver or a bartender, a girl listens to you and evaluates you? Address the person with kindness and respect. She will never leave this unattended, therefore this advice is one of our ten.

Number 5. Be Fun.

Women like to communicate with guys with whom they have fun and are interested in spending time. Therefore, to change the conversation in another direction and make it fun, ask her an unusual and playful question that no one usually asks.

Number 4. Avoid Slippery Topics.

Yes, we are talking about politics and religion. You are asking for trouble if you start talking about it. Forget it!

Number 3. Don't worry about uncomfortable silence.

A sign that you are pleased and comfortable in the company of a person, when you can enjoy the silence in the company of this person and do not feel uncomfortable when no one is saying anything. The next time your conversation goes into a “lull” phase, relax and let her start the conversation. This will show her that you do not feel discomfort yourself, and she will be more comfortable in your company.

Number 2. Don't try to impress her.

Women know enough to understand if a guy is trying to hang out, which means he is just trying to hide his other flaws. In fact, the woman is already tired of this behavior and is trying to “check” if you are one of these guys. Be humble. If you have something that can impress her (like a car), let her try to figure it out, do not talk too much. Your modesty and restraint will make a girl more impressed.

Number 1. Avoid “Fatal Issues”.

Most guys don’t understand that asking a girl questions like “Am I your type?”; “How do you like me?” Or “He wants to hang out with me again?” You do so that she immediately wants to run away from you. Why? Because it will show that you are not at all the confident person that seemed to her. Remember, a confident young man doesn’t care if he is “her type”. He knows that the girl definitely likes and that she herself wants to be with him. Think about it.


  1. Angelina

    If she’s going to dish out $100+ on tickets for a Broadway show, sporting event, or concert, it shows it’s important to her and something she thoroughly enjoys doing. It’s a roundabout way of seeing what her interests are in detail without straight out asking. You want positive vibes only on a date. By posing this question, you get her thinking about some of the best times in her life. You’ll also get a peek into family traditions and dynamics.

  2. Don’t spill your guts. Be forthcoming and real, but don’t turn the date into a therapy session. “Ease into talking about yourself—remember intimacy is a bit at a time. Let him or her reveal a little, then you reveal a little,” says relationship counselors and co-authors, Drs. Judith and Bob Wright .  5.  Avoid politics. They say there are two things you should never discuss at the dinner table—religion and politics. The same holds true for the first date. When you have strong beliefs or opinions, it s easy to get overexcited and even judgmental. Of course, where your date stands on certain issues is important to a long and healthy relationship, but wait a few dates before diving into the political discussions.

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