Kissing Under the Mistletoe

Christmas and New Year mean lots of parties, celebrations and time spent with friends and those whom we love. The most thrilling part of each meeting is, of course, an old tradition of kissing under the mistletoe. Those two people who stand under ti are obliged to kiss, and this romantic action became the start for many happy couples, so you should definitely try it too!

To begin with, you need to spot the mistletoe. If you visit the party somewhere else, not at home, it may be hard to do. You may ask the owner of the party where it is, or make this by yourself. Or you may be absolutely brave and take the mistletoe in your hands and walk with it to the lady of your dreams!

It may happen so that you occasionally happened to be under the branch with someone else, not the one you’ve been waiting for. Well, this is the tradition, so follow it and be brave! Don’t spoil the mood, and just give a modest kiss in a cheek!

If you came to the party with your partner or someone you are making only the first steps in dating with, the mistletoe is a wonderful opportunity to make a romantic gesture! Women love romance, so your pointing at the mistletoe and the following kiss will surely be remembered for longer than one day.

Don’t forget that the mistletoe is surely a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t mean that the person you want to kiss is obliged to give you anything else or more. You want to kiss? Keep your hands by your side, better not to try to hug another person. Be polite and see the reaction: it will give you further understanding if you can keep on to the next step, or you have only participated in a classic gesture.

What if you happen to be under the mistletoe with some pet? Don’t reject your feelings! This is a great opportunity to make a funny photo together and to create cute memories! Of course, if the animal is friendly.

And don’t forget – mistletoe is fun! So enjoy your adventures on the party like everyone else and don’t fill your head with too many thoughts!

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