How You Should Act after the First Successful Date

Do not crucify about your feelings

The first meeting, of course, builds 90% of the foundation for your further communication. But this does not mean at all that you should immediately declare your love to the girl and stun her with grandiloquent compliments, even if you really liked her. In the best case, this will damn her, in the worst - you will again have to go on a first date. In the compliments, of course, there is nothing wrong, but giving out everything at once would be simply stupid. And if your whole conversation consists of slobbery flashbacks for the first meeting in the style of “your eyes shone like two diamonds” and “I can’t forget how gracefully you moved on the dance floor,” you won’t go far. Memories should only push you forward, not pull you back.

Fewer calculations

The main question that arises after a successful first date is when to write to her? Each of your friends will surely find an ingenious formula for calculating the time from the end of the date to the accompanying message. But all this is complete nonsense. Messages are the only thing you really don't need to think about. Write to her whenever you want, but only if you really have something to say. Not a single girl, seeing your message, will immediately look at her watch and grin at your impatience. But do not abuse, writing to her just to remind herself is as stupid as measuring time. She remembers you for sure, unless, of course, it took you six months to decide to write.

Turn off daddy mode

All girls love caring, but on the first date, it can spoil your whole image. Understand correctly: your goal is to create sexual tension, and not to convince the girl that you will drink herbal tea if she catches a cold. Daddy in bed is one thing, and daddy on a first date is the least sexual creature. So think twice before throwing the phrase "write to me when you get home!". Someone will probably appreciate such attention, but in most cases, the girls will receive the wrong signals from you. Save your care until at least the fifth meeting.

Call her on a second date

Correctly continuing a successful first date is easy. There is no need to think about what to write, blur in the low-quality odes to her beauty, bother her with annoying manifestations of care, or send her photos of her genitals. Just call her on a second date. Instead of an empty lengthy conversation, it is always better to discuss some cool plans for the next meeting. Moreover, it is not necessary to show off and work out heavy romantic schemes, just suggest a place and time, this will be quite enough. If the first date went really well, then, be sure, the girl will be glad to go with you even to the barbecue.

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