How To Understand That She Is Your Special One

Men often take many years to find the one that is their favorite. So it is extremely important not to miss that very moment and that same girl. How to understand this? I’ll try to give my recommendations since there is such an experience.

Everything happens immediately, instantly
So you just walked along the street, the sun was shining, a tightly packed wallet was warming your pocket nicely - and suddenly ... like lightning flashed, or something. You cling your eyes to the eyes of a stranger girl and understand that you got. They may say something to you at this moment, but you are no longer here and not with them. You want to be near her, you want to smell her perfume, admire her feet. You even want to cook breakfast (even if you can’t fry fried eggs or peel potatoes) and bring it to bed, where your beloved is basking. You just plunge into some completely new universe and don’t see its bottom. You soar there and think only of her. You want to be everything to her!

She does not press on you
She is a free person and gives you the same freedom without hanging a heavy yoke on your neck with her problems (and who doesn’t have them?). You are not a patron for her and not a bag of money to be “milked” - you are a person who needs to be treated with respect and love.
It is enough to follow her in a critical situation (the waiter brought cold coffee, the dress burst at the seam or the heel of your favorite shoes broke) to understand everything about your future. If the situation ends with a powerful surge of negative energy, and even more so in your direction, then you can safely forget about marriage. If this happened from the very beginning, then it cannot end in anything good, in principle.
You can chat with her for hours
With this person, you will spend together for many years and literally in a 24/7 format. You got sick, broke your leg while skiing, she caught the flu - you should be together, and this should not bother you. Therefore, if your meeting/date is delayed for 5-6 hours and you can’t talk about various topics, then this is wonderful. Most likely, you will have enough communication for many years.

She has no secrets from you
This is a very important point. Any person has the right to their secrets, the main thing is that these secrets should not be directed against a partner. If you wish, any SMS, email, comment on the social network can be interpreted in the most negative sense for you. The main thing is that such a desire does not arise.

She is multifaceted
It would seem that you learned almost everything about her. And suddenly you find yourself in a restaurant, and she begins to chat with the hostess on the topic of cooking and turns out to be a noble chef. Or he suddenly gets up on skiing or snowboarding and leaves you far behind, although you seem to be such a seemingly cool rider. It's cool when every day she opens up so that you understand: she is inexhaustible and she has a lot of talents.

She is ready to live with you
We are all not perfect: we scatter socks, we don’t like to clean up the apartment and throw out the trash. And life will constantly throw up more and more problems (cut salaries, a car breaks down, money runs out, etc.), which you will have to solve together. And with your gut, even at the first meeting, you understand that this person will endure all this with you and that you have a bright future ahead, even with small periodic clouds on the horizon, but the future! Met this one? Grab it literally with both hands and do not let go of yourself anywhere! Such pearls are rare, and you certainly won’t find the second one!

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