How to Overcome a Breakup

VeronikaLove is the best dating site for single. But before you start new relations, you need to move from your old one.

Throw out or remove from sight all things that remind of him or her. Burn photos. It is a pleasure to do what he/she could not stand. Buy new bedding. Go in for boxing. Go to another country. Get a haircut. Make a promise to smile at least once a day, no matter what the cost. Run into Buddhism: everything in life is transient, the source of our suffering is an attachment to people and things, we must learn to let them go.

1. Push off the bottom

Passing the moment “at the bottom” through consciousness, we help ourselves to understand that it does not determine our whole life - it is time to rise from the bottom. We are much bigger and stronger than the emotions we experience.

2. Find support in yourself

The end of the relationship brings severe pain - as with physical trauma. That is why in the first days after the break, the usual painkiller can give relief. “Imagine: you ran fast, fast, towards something desirable and joyful, but stumbled and fell,” the psychologist Lucy Mikaelian gives a comparison. “At that moment it seems: everything, life is over and nothing will ever work out.”  To survive the breakup, it is very important to find support in yourself. Treat yourself as carefully as possible, please at every opportunity. Do what works well, gives confidence in yourself, raises your mood, helps you feel strong.

3. Do not reproach yourself

If you are abandoned, self-esteem falls. If, on the contrary, you become the initiators of the break, guilt feelings often torment you. We experience what is happening as a defeat, we are angry, ashamed - our dreams and hopes collapsed.

No one is to blame for the fact that the relationship did not work out. Studies show that we tend to converge with people whose views on life are fundamentally different from ours. For example, one of two wants children, and the other does not, one is deeply religious, and the other is not. Why?

4. Hug someone good

The less we love ourselves, the more we demand that others love us. Try to shift attention from your experiences to others. Love is not only a romantic feeling, but we can also experience it with parents, children, friends, pets.

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