How to Make Compliments

Compliments are the initial and are a very important part of communication and creation of relations. Especially on VeronikaLove. You see a beautiful lady in Online Chat but don't know how to start your communication? Just make a nice compliment! And here are the types of them existing.

A compliment as a comparison. For example: “You always manage to look great. For this, I need to make every effort. ”
Soulful compliment. It is important for a man to constantly talk about his feelings to his beloved woman. For example: “My dear! You are my only support, you are my life, my dream, my love! "
A compliment that concerns her living personal space. Such a compliment can be said about her work, interests, habits, hobbies. You can say such a compliment: “Darling, you are so reasonable, you are interested in everyone! As soon as you do everything and find time for so many activities! "
A compliment as a statement of fact. This compliment is convenient in that you can use it at the beginning of acquaintance with the person you are interested in when you still have very little information about her. For example: “You have a very slim figure” or “Gorgeous hairstyle!” Have you been to the beauty salon? "

Poetic compliments. This is when you compare your chosen one with a literary or mythological character. For example: “You are my Aphrodite!” Or “You are my sun, without which I can’t live!” A proud beauty can be subdued by a compliment: “I want to take a picture of your eyes and put it on my table. I will look at the clear blue sky every day ...”But when a man constantly gives compliments to a girl, it starts to look unnatural and can push her away from you, because female intuition is very developed, a woman will immediately feel a hidden catch behind this. Compliments should be given inadvertently, as if by chance, but confidently. After the compliment, it’s best to immediately switch to another topic of conversation. If you obsessively tell a girl about her unearthly beauty, you simply turn for her into an annoying fly.

But there are some rules about compliments you'd better never say.

Favorite compliments for girls are compliments about her appearance. After all, she is trying so hard to bring beauty before your date, spend hours in front of the mirror, picking up a stunning outfit. And these grueling procedures: makeup, hairstyle, manicure, pedicure, and more! And all this for you! Of course, she will be offended if so much effort is not appreciated by you.

Therefore, a timely compliment on the appearance of your girlfriend will significantly increase your chances of her hand and heart. Before you give a compliment, think carefully, formulate a speech, only then express an opinion out loud. Many men who are not sharp on the tongue often make mistakes when making compliments. Here are some examples of compliments women should not say:

Avoid ambiguous compliments. For example: “How do you like a new blouse! She makes you so slim! "After such a compliment, a girl may become inferior and be very offended.
You should not say compliments about the shortcomings of a woman's appearance. For example: “You are such a crumpet! But I love such people.” After such a phrase, a woman will be very complex, and you will greatly fall in her eyes. Moreover, such a compliment can be received in the forehead.
Instructive compliments are a common mistake. For example: “What are your slender legs! Why don't you wear short skirts? "Or" You have such gorgeous hair! You should walk with your hair loose. ”
When a compliment should take into account the degree of proximity dating. You should not say too intimate personal compliments, this can embarrass the girl and make him blush.

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