How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You

I'm sure the question "How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You?" worried every man, even the coolest and most confident.

So come on now, put your mega-cynic mask on the shelf and stop pretending it's not interesting to you at all. I warn you right away: there is no universal answer to this question, how to please a girl since they are different. But there is a certain general set of rules, adhering to which, you can make a favorable impression on the female representatives. I do not want you to play a role and become a completely different person. I want you to pump your skills and abilities that will make your communication with girls easier and more enjoyable.

Rule number 1. All women cannot like you.

Each girl is a unique and individual personality. That is why your even the best manner of behavior of any of them will certainly not appeal to you. Here you need to understand a very important point: even if you have not made the proper impression on the girl you have taken, you do not need to brand yourself a loser and despair. You have to try as many times as you need in order to meet the one. Failures harden. Plus it gives a great experience. So learn from everything to learn lessons.

Rule number 2. You must have your own life.

Smart and self-sufficient girls do not need a stupid admirer and boyfriend who will flood her with flowers, compliments and annoy calls. You must take up your own life, try to diversify it as much as possible. Gym, training, books, foreign languages, exhibitions - anything you like. Thus, you will immediately make an impression of an ambitious and self-sufficient man whose only goal is not to fuck another heifer. In general, she will appreciate it, and you yourself will put your life in order and bring it to a completely different quality level and you will definitely be able to like the girl.

Rule number 3. Take care of your appearance.

What did you want? So that a well-groomed, fit, beautiful girl draws attention to you when you, in turn, will not make any efforts? It doesn’t happen, friend. I have spoken about this more than once. You have to take care of yourself. These are so basic things that it’s even funny to talk about them, but many men forget about it and think that they are already handsome. You should dress stylishly and appropriately. For example, if you go to a restaurant, then forget about sneakers. And vice versa, in a movie a formal suit will look absolutely ridiculous.

Rule number 4. You must be able to communicate with girls.

How else? I didn’t come up with a phrase that girls love with their ears. If you have a beautiful unrestricted speech, then you immediately give the impression of an intelligent and educated person with a certain amount of knowledge. In other words, if you know how to get along well, then you are guaranteed a 50% success. You must be able to communicate in such a way that she herself will not understand at what point in your conversation she gave you her phone number and agreed to meet with you next week.

Rule number 6. Learn to flirt.

If in your conversation with the girl there is not a hint of flirtation, then she immediately sends you to the friend zone! Since it is with the help of flirting that she understands that she is attracted to you. Again, good flirting requires a lot of practice and experience. But the main thing is to relax and not be nervous. Believe me, she is experiencing no less than yours, so do not put you both in an awkward position. Speak half hints, joke, sharply answer her some phrases.

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