How to Impress a Lady

There are various ways to impress a lady, and VeronikaLove wants to give you the most useful tips! In order for her to have a favorable impression of you, it is not at all necessary to commit extraordinary acts. It is enough for you to show a little attention, and then her sympathies will be on your side.

- Show your awareness. Learn more about the interests of the girl, explore topics that fascinate her. So you will have common topics for conversation.
- Do not use extreme measures, especially at the initial stage of communication. If you order a horse-drawn carriage for a first date, this may seem strange and inappropriate.
- Show your kindness. For example, help some granny cross the road or bring her heavy bags. The main thing is that it looks natural. No need to do something to show and show off your actions.
- Do not be afraid to argue if you have an opinion. If you are going to argue, then be sure to bring weighty arguments. So you show that you have an established opinion about a particular subject. If you disagree with something, then you need to directly say so.
- Stay confident, but not self-confident. Arrogance will not help you make a good impression.
- Keep your promises. If you promised to chat with her in Online Chat in the evening, be sure to do so.
- Tell about your feelings. This topic can be difficult for many people to follow. If you can openly say what you feel, it will show you as a mature person.
- Be neat and clean. This applies to your home, appearance, car. Dirty clothes and multi-day stubble will only scare the girl away.
- Remain a knight. Open the door in front of the girl, help get out of the car, hold an umbrella over it in the rain.
- During a date, do not be distracted by talking on the phone, do not correspond with other people. So you show that you are only interested in communicating with her.
- Give her a compliment. In this case, it is better to emphasize her sense of humor, responsiveness or other qualities.
- Ask clarifying questions. If a girl is fond of yoga, ask if she likes to do outdoors, what are her favorite exercises, etc.

Pay attention to details while dating. If a man pays attention to various little things, it makes a lasting impression on the lady. For example, you may notice her new manicure or hairstyle.

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