How to Impress a Lady on the First Date

It is vitally important to create a good impression on the first date, and VeronikaLove has gathered a few ideas on how to do this.

An unusual place where the date will take place
Atmosphere - this is what initially sets the "mood" for a date. Therefore, choosing a place and leisure option, a man should first collect information: maybe the girl is looking forward to the premiere of a movie, or she has never been to a guest room/zoo/ at the rink, or she loves outdoor activities, or, before losing heartbeat, loves pizza. The girl will certainly appreciate that the guy takes into account her interests, is attentive to her. You can also choose a win-win romantic atmosphere for a first date by arranging a date in some unusual place: to carry it on the roof; in a planetarium, admiring the starry sky; at the exhibition of live butterflies; hold a date in a balloon flight; horseback riding; in a quiet cozy cafe.

There is a category of men who don’t give flowers in principle, or if they donate them, then only for great reasons, motivating them with the fact that “date is not March 8 and not a birthday, and in general, while we walk, this broom will wither”. This position is fundamentally wrong: all women love flowers (almost everything, with a very, very rare exception), and, going on a date, the girl secretly dreams of such a sign of attention. She will be especially pleased if the delivery of the bouquet becomes unexpected and original. Indeed, if a walk in the park is planned, then the flowers may wither, and the girl will just get tired of carrying a bouquet.

If you are in the car, you can leave the flowers in the car and hand them at the end of the walk, if not, ask someone from friends to deliver the bouquet unnoticed at the appointed time, or book a table in the cafe and pre-bring it there. The girl will appreciate the resourcefulness and romance of her companion. Flowers to the girl

Signs of attention, compliments
A woman is always pleased to feel the attention, admiration of the man. “When I invited you to meet and you agreed, I was just in the seventh heaven, and I really wanted to show you this sky ...”, such a comment on a meeting on a roof will certainly not leave her indifferent.
Also, the guy should make sure that the girl is not cold, so that she is not tired (during a walk, for example). If cool weather is expected, a thermos with hot tea and cups will be a wonderful surprise.

Actions, behavior
Women, as you know, prefer not words, but feats that a man is capable of for the sake of a beautiful lady. At the first date, of course, we are not talking about some global actions, such as a duel with an opponent or a marriage proposal, but about everyday things, at first glance invisible, but from which the girl has the impression of her gentleman. If he is gallant and caring only with her, then for sure this is ostentatious.

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