How to Choose Flowers for your Lady

What flowers to give to your girlfriend?

Most men, falling in love, wonder what flowers to give a girl to express the fullness of their feelings, avoiding such a frightening declaration of love in words. It should be noted that in vain some men consider a bouquet of flowers as pampering and a waste of money. Any girl, seeing flowers in the hands of a gentleman, becomes kinder and enjoys this fragrant present like a child.

They give flowers to girls for any reason and without it, especially if it is a candy-bouquet period. For dates, even dates such as a few days or months from the date of dating or the first kiss are suitable.

Basic rules for choosing flowers for a girl

The ideal option is to give your beloved girl exactly those flowers that she especially likes. It’s not difficult to find out about preferences, it’s enough to start a topic of conversation about flowers, and your lady of the heart will surely give out all her preferences.

Do not follow the standard canons that a brunette needs to give light roses and a blonde dark! This statement has no basis. Each girl is an individual whose taste preferences do not depend on the color of her hair or eyes.

Pay special attention not only to the flora itself, be sure to ensure that the packaging and accessories of the bouquet match those feelings that you want to express. It is very important that the guy does not seek to give a luxurious bouquet, not paying attention to the age of the recipient.

How many flowers should be in the bouquet?

When choosing which flowers to give a girl, do not forget that it is equally important how many plants should be in the bouquet. By tradition, their number is necessarily odd. The rest is your imagination and preference. It can be a date symbol or her favorite number.

Each digit has its own symbolism:

1 flower indicates that this girl is the meaning of his life for a guy.
3 flowers - a young man believes that the relationship is under development and hopes for more.
5 buds - unspoken declaration of love, worship.
7 colors - the guy longs for this girl to be with him always.
9 colors and more - you are the one and only, the most beloved and seductive.

No matter how many flowers there are in the bouquet, no matter how charming it may look, all efforts will fade if handled incorrectly. Flowers for the beloved girl are presented with the left hand, and the right gentleman should hold her hand. If the bouquet is of considerable size, it can be held with both hands. And most importantly - the words! The girl must not only see but also hear how you love her!

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