How to Become a Perfect Partner

It's no secret that girls are more inclined to work on relationships and change for the better in order to become the perfect loving wife and a good mother for future children. It is much more difficult for men to understand themselves, but many of them want to become better and fulfill the wishes of their loved ones without their prompts.

Take responsibility
If women are more guided by emotions when making decisions, then men - by logic. So take responsibility, don't put the blame on your girlfriend, don't play the victim. If your partner is dissatisfied with something, respect their honesty, and have the courage to change for the better.

Be close to your loved one
Women need attention, support, and understanding. You will win her heart again if you take a few minutes off from work, put down your phone, turn off the TV and start listening to her. At first glance, it may seem that women are talking all the time, but the more you talk, the less often she will come to you with opinions on the same topics.

Show how much you value her
Girls are looking for men with whom they would feel safe, protected, happy, beautiful, and independent. In order for her to feel important and necessary to you, prove it every day. For example, before bed, talk about the positive aspects of the day and admit that you are grateful for your loved one. In the morning, wake up 15 minutes early and stay close to each other without unnecessary business or conversation. This will certainly increase the intimacy between you.

Take care of personal development
Many men are convinced that a woman will relieve them of emotional distress and pain, but when she begins to open up, they withdraw into themselves. This is often due to the fact that in childhood, guys did not see how their parents show their feelings. Therefore, it is worth working on yourself on your own and not waiting for a girl who will be ready to open you up and fight your complexes.

Admit your flaws
You cannot blame your partner for your problems and the shortcomings that everyone has. If you have traits that show up in little things and can annoy or upset your partner, then you must change. You can never control your partner's actions, but you can always set a positive example, so do not ignore the shortcomings that you can change.

Set boundaries in relationships
Define personal boundaries for each of you and treat your partner's wishes with respect. If it is unacceptable for her to have a boyfriend on the anniversary of their relationship with friends, do not do it. Talk about your expectations from the relationship and values every day, then you will understand each other better and not make obvious mistakes.

Show your masculine strength
You don't need to shout, raise your tone, dominate the woman, and tell you what to do. It's a lack of respect and a demonstration of your own ego. You must be strong and at the same time gentle to your chosen one: solve problems and listen to her experiences.

Be loyal and trust
There is nothing more important in a relationship than trust! This is one of the most important details women pay attention to. A person gains true trust when he keeps his word. A woman wants to see a confident man next to her, whom she can count on.

Share her passions
Find something that interests both of you. Talk about her hobbies, values, attractive features in men, and make her dreams come true.

Love yourself
This is very important, but it is a rare skill today. You should love yourself and then you will be desirable for women. Do everything to feel happy and positive about life: get rid of negative habits, feel financial freedom, find the desired job. Self-love is the main life principle.

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