Dating in Spring

When spring comes, we all wish to spend more time outside. And it also means that it is time for more and new dating! here are a few ideas on what you can do with your beloved lady in spring.

Fancy food picnic

The first thing you want to do with the advent of this spring is to get out into the wild! Or at least in a city park. And the best way to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views of the city is to have a small picnic. It’s also a great idea for a date. Just don’t forget about romance - no sausage sandwiches and chips! Add French chic - light wine, croissants, fruits, cheese. Or you can take a thermos with tea or coffee with you - after all, the weather is still not hot.

Morning trip to the cafe

All of us, people of the 21st century, are used to going to cafes - for business lunch, for family dinners, just to unwind in the evening. But with regard to breakfast, everything is usually different here - home, kitchen, cooking, a typical menu. Why not one of the spring Sundays break their routine and go to breakfast in a coffee shop or regular cafe? How do you like this idea for a date in spring?

Bike ride or rollers

A trip to nature is not only about sitting on a plaid and eating croissants; you can spend time more actively. And praise to the one who invented the bike! Because the thing is really great - both as a means of transportation, and as entertainment, and as an idea for a date. Slowly drive through the most beautiful places in the city, arrange real races or ride along the forest paths of the nearest suburbs - you can spend time in different ways, but equally interesting and active. A more urban option - videos, it’s almost like walking, only faster.

Open-air cinema

There are various projects in which, in the company of other people, you can watch a movie in the open air on a large screen. But you can find another way out - to get out into some beautiful secluded place, taking with you a warm blanket, food, and a laptop with a large battery. Inhaling clean spring air and enjoying a great movie is a straightforward but very enjoyable date!

Lectures and workshops

Spring is a time not only for renewal but also for education and self-improvement. And as you know, a joint creative or educational pastime maximally positively affects relationships. Therefore, follow our Poster, where information appears on various conferences and lectures on various topics.

Horse ride

Walking in the fresh air can also be combined with communication with animals - for example, with horses. Horses are those animals that can calm, relieve stress, and simply have a beneficial effect on your emotional state. Therefore, joint horseback riding is great!

On the roof

The warm season is the time to finally get out on the roof! Cheap and cheerful, and not at all bad, is to discover that your porch has access to the roof and take advantage of it. Plaid will be enough to diversify the joint evenings - hugging, chatting, looking at the stars if they can be seen.

In the park

We often visit parks, but in such a way as to completely plunge into childhood and forget about our adult life - this already does not happen every day. The main thing here is not only to ride on all the rides but also to treat yourself to everything you can - cotton candy, balloons, ice cream, popcorn. You cannot forget about simple joys! You can still fly a kite into the sky, especially if the weather is windy.

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